Holy Communion

The sacrament of the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion is central in worship. It is a sign and seal of Christ's continuing presence with his people. In this sacrament of his broken body and outpoured blood the risen Lord feeds his baptised people on their way to the final inheritance of the Kingdom.
Thus the people of God, through faith and the gift and power of the Holy Spirit, have communion with their Saviour, make their sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, proclaim the Lord's death, grow together in Christ, are strengthened for their participation in the mission of Christ in the world and rejoice in the foretaste of the Kingdom which Christ will bring to consummation.
The Uniting Church practises an "open table policy". This means that an open invitation is usually extended to "all who love the Lord" to share in Holy Communion. Christians from other denominations, or from no denomination, are welcome to participate in the celebration of Holy Communion at a Uniting Church. In contrast to some denominations, it is not necessary to be a confirmed member or even a baptised member to participate in Holy Communion, though it is seen as appropriate that the person or child has been baptised.
(From the Uniting church in Australia, NSW Synod)


Our minister will do home visits to give Holy Communion to those who cannot get to the service