What we can do for you

What our church can offer you is the opportunity to develop a relationship with Christ Jesus who died to take all our sins away and rose again so that we can live forever in heaven.

We have small groups that meet  and offer the opportunity for new christians or people exploring their spiritual lives, to learn about our Lord and saviour, Jesus the Christ.

If you would like to join one of these groups send an email to info@sutherlanduniting.org.au

If you are a YOUTH, we would love for you to come along to any of our youth events. These offer great opportunities to learn about our faith in a relaxed environment. Check out our youth events here, or email us at youth@sutherlanduniting.org.au

To put it simply, our church is here to serve the community in a way that the community will see Christ's love in all that we do. If there is a way that you feel that our church could better serve in the comunity, feel free to throw in some ideas by emailing us at info@sutherlanduniting.org.au